State Capital Tour

Our November meeting was held on Friday Nov 4th and featured 2 tours of the State Capital in Topeka.  We started off with a dome tour which had us climbing 296 steps past the interior dome to the top of the exterior dome. Although the day was overcast with some showers, it still offered great 360 degree views of Topeka.  After the dome tour, we went on a historical tour.  The history started back at the construction of the building, and followed through the many modifications that occurred over the years.  We saw the House of Representatives, Senate, and the Governors office.  Probably most impressive were the wide variety of murals and artwork that adorn the halls and rotunda.  Each featured a different Kansas landscape, event, or person in our state history.  After the tour we headed across the street to The Pennant restaurant to visit with the other attendees, and the 2 members that joined us from the Wichita chapter. Thanks to all those who were able to join us, and if you haven’t been on the tours, we highly recommend them.