Student Chapter Success

The IIE Chapter Leader news came out last week and one of the info items was the Student Chapters that achieved the Gold Award for their 2011-2012 program year. Both Kansas State and Missouri accomplished the honor this year! This is the first time the Mizzou chapter has earned the Gold Award, coming on the heels of hosting a successful Regional Student Paper Conference in March. Congratulations to the students and leaders at both schools on this accomplishment!

The full list of Gold Award winners is available via the IIE website. Other South Central Region schools earning Gold were Texas A&M, University of Houston and University Texas at Arlington. In respect to athletic conferences, other SEC schools on the list are Louisiana State, Texas A&M, Florida and Tennessee, while the only other Big XII school was new member West Virginia.


October Event – Mentor Day

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback to help us plan Mentor Day. As you know, Mentor Day is a very popular event, but it cannot be a success without YOU! Similar to the previous years, we will have the students spend the first half of the day with their Mentor and the second half attending a networking reception.

Mentor Day will be held on Thursday, October 18th starting at 9:00 a.m. The reception will begin at 3:00 p.m. at a location which will be announced soon. For those that have an interest in being a Mentor but are unsure of what all it entails, we have created a mentor planning guide (below) with the assistance of previous mentors to aid your planning process.

If you will be able to host one, two, or more students for this year’s Mentor Day, please RSVP below.
When: Thursday, Oct. 18th 2011
– Mentoring: 9am – 3pm
– Reception: 3pm – 5pm
Where: Kansas City area
– Mentoring: Your Office
– Reception: TBA
Cost: Free
RSVP: Sign up as a host by Friday, September 28th via

If you cannot be a Mentor this year, you are still welcome to join us at the reception. We would like the students to interact and learn about the wide range of experience we have in the KC IIE chapter.

For those that have an interest in being a mentor but are unsure of what all it entails, we have created a mentor planning guide with the assistance of previous mentors.
How to prepare for Mentor Day?

  • Contact your students to learn more about them and what they would like to gain from the experience
  • Ask about their interest so you can coordinate the day’s events accordingly
  • Provide information about yourself
  • Have a conference room reserved to allow time to gather and prepare for the day’s events
  • Email the students to discuss where and when to meet.

What activities are commonly planned for Mentor Day?

  • Q & A sessions with IE’s at the company
  • Tour of company
  • Time to allow students to shadow different job functions
  • Session that cover the different opportunities for IE’s within the company

What do you have to gain from this experience?

  • A chance to provide advice and career options to upcoming IE’s
  • Establish networking relationships
  • Gain a better understanding of what new IE’s are looking for as they approach graduation
  • Provide informati
    on to the students that they may not be aware of
  • HAVE FUN!!