KCIISE Kurt’s Bars Tour

The KCIISE chapter had the opportunity to tour a local small business on November 17th – Kurt’s Bars.  Kurt’s Bars are health energy bars used by anyone from endurance athletes to kids’ sports teams and are made locally in Shawnee, KS. 

Kurt’s Bars was started by local athlete, Kurt Niemackl.  After trying to find the right fuel for his endurance races, he found that they were lacking in taste, weren’t easy on the gut, or did not have lasting energy.  So, he decided to create his own.  Using natural and organic ingredients, he often used his friends and family as guinea pigs for various recipes.  When he finally landed on the right recipe, he found that Kurt’s Bars were in high demand by his fellow athletes.  Outgrowing his home kitchen, he renovated the basement of a house to function as an FDA approved commercial kitchen.

We learned about how to get the process certified and get nutrition information validated and appropriately labeled.  We were in awe of how streamlined Kurt’s operation was; that awe was topped only by how amazing the bars tasted!  Kurt’s background in construction is apparent in the operation, as you can see where he has modified equipment and tools to be more efficient. 

We all left with a yummy sampling of goodies!  To get your own, be sure to visit www.kurtsbars.com.

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