Indigo Wild Factory Tour of Zum Soap

On January 12th, our chapter went on a tour of Indigo Wild, a Kansas City based company, to see their two production facilities for their Zum Soap products. Starting as a small-scale bar soap producer, Indigo Wild has now grown produce a wide range of products retailed across the country, from Laundry Detergent to Face Exfoliator. Their products are unique due to the use of goats milk as well as essential oils that create distinctive scents. Their best marketing is the smell!

The first facility we toured produced their liquid products, including soaps and laundry detergents. The second production facility housed the production of bar soaps and related side products. As a low waste facility, they look for creative ways repurpose any soap scraps. A real highlight of the tour was seeing the mixing and artistry to make the slabs of soap that would be cut into bars. They run their facilities with a balance of automation and manual work, managing their to keep up with the supply demands while also keeping a handcrafted and natural feel to the product. Our chapter members greatly enjoyed seeing the full scope of Indigo Wild’s production and talking with the team on their plans for refining their processes. Thanks to our friends at Indigo Wild for the great tour!

Products can be purchased through Amazon, Walmart, HyVee, Thrive Market, Whole Foods, or through their website, which retails 50+scents.


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